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    People Are Sharing What They'd Really Write On Their Dating Profile If They Had To Be Completely Honest, And I Don't Know If I Should Applaud Or Scream

    I don't know if these are tempting or terrifying!

    Recently, Reddit user u/trishsf asked, "If you wrote a brutally honest dating profile, what would it say?" And I wish everyone on the apps would keep it this real.

    1. "Middle-aged, insecure, prone to laziness, and enjoys hanging out with cats. Will date anyone except anyone who'd want to date me." —monkeygarde

    2. "My actual Tinder says, 'I may look human, but I'm actually three red flags in a trench coat.'" —Asleep-Relative-6730

    3. "I like broken people so I can fix them, and not worry about myself. I’m very clingy and have severe attachment issues and commitment issues. If you leave me, I will get extremely depressed, but don’t listen to anything I say after a breakup because it’s all BS." —Its0hs0qui3t

    4. "Need constant attention and reassurance but not offering the same in return." —hopeigotit

    5. "Just here for casual sex and someone to try new restaurants with." —hatsnatcher23

    6. "I love movies, comfort food, restaurants, and motorcycling. I am an introvert, loner, recluse who thinks that life will be a lot better if I was in a serious relationship. I will put everything I have into the relationship, but after about a year, I will start to resent that you are eating into my alone time. Even though you have done absolutely nothing wrong, I will sabotage the relationship and be impossible to deal with. I will break up with you but make it look like it was your idea. After a couple of weeks I will deeply regret it and call you to get back together, but you will have nothing to do with me because you have moved on. Let's have fun while it lasts. Live in the now." —Juris--My--Diction

    7. "If you’re moderately attractive and show me affection, I will fall in love with you." —3825377

    8. "Hung like a bull, attention span of a squirrel." —wesweb

    9. "Yes, I’m a dwarf. If we were to date, then people will probably think you have a fetish, and strangers will stare and point in public. It will be a constant as long as we’re dating, and it will be hard. Early on, you might question whether this is even worth it when you could just date a normal person. But on the plus side, I make good money, and I make really good food. Like, my scrambled eggs are godly! Maybe that can be enough." —Usidore_

    10. "Big butt, bigger heart." —d_inthe_wilderness

    11. "I'm very smart and supportive, but very my photo is probably five years old. I don't have a lot of them. Please be impotent or asexual — I want a partner, but I don't want you to fuck me or kiss me. I'm probably going to be in love with my fictional characters more than with you." —adelar_sims

    12. "Classic crazy cat lady seeking temporary companion for Hulu and pizza nights, plus the occasional day-trip outing for shopping and dinner. Cuddling is a plus. Must be willing to nod and smile while hearing repetitive stories about cats, niblings, and knitting." —auntiepink

    13. "I pride myself on being a good person and a nice guy. I go above and beyond to make those around me happy. But no matter what, you'll always play second fiddle to my video game addiction." —KingGuy420

    14. "I want love." —MobileGreedy4251

    15. "Catches feelings fast, but will lose them the second you return them." —heehee2006

    16. "I have no idea how to do this or what I am doing." —lostal_2004

    17. "I have no experience in relationships and will probably fuck it up. Please swipe left." —Bokbok95

    What would your dating profile look like if you were being completely honest? Let me know in the comments below!