FKA Twigs Brought A Whole New Meaning To "Beauty Is Pain" After Revealing The Real Reason She Wore Beaded Bangs

    "I'd had an accident."

    FKA Twigs shared the unfortunate inspiration behind one of her most popular hairstyles.

    FKA Twigs posing against a floral backdrop wearing a sheer top with a geometric pattern, a cream jacket, and a draped skirt

    During British Vogue's latest Life in Looks episode, Twigs discussed the beaded twist bangs she wore to the Barclaycard Mercury Prize nominations launch in 2014.

    FKA posing, adorned with a beaded headpiece and wearing a gray suit with black detailing

    “At the time, I’d actually been experimenting with bleaching my eyebrows, and I’d had an accident and I’d burnt off all the skin on my forehead,” Twigs said.

    “My hairstylist Soichi [Inagaki] and I came up with this idea that I would have beads hanging really low to cover it up, so I could just be gorgey from here down.”

    FKA with beaded braids holding an award, wearing a nose ring and a blazer

    She added, “Actually I think that some of the greatest fashion moments come from a mishap or a mistake, and it turns into a happy accident.”

    FKA in a gray blazer over a black outfit holding an award at the Mercury Prize event

    Looking back, the singer-songwriter has no regrets. In fact, she believes her eyebrows burning off was a good thing because it led to a creative way to express herself through her hair.

    FKA in an elegant gown with a bow on her head, photographers in the background

    To learn more about Twigs's fashion and beauty choices throughout the years, check out her full Life in Looks episode below:

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