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    Samuel L. Jackson And Regina Hall's First Kiss Stories Will Literally Make You Laugh Out Loud

    More first, more unforgettable stories.

    In honor of Shaft debuting in theaters last week, we decided to have a little fun with the stars of the film, Samuel L. Jackson and Regina Hall.

    Samuel and Regina sat down with BuzzFeed for a round of First Times and let me just say, I’ve never laughed so hard or heard so many curse words in such a short amount of time.

    Here's what we learned:

    Samuel's first wild fan experience involved John Travolta and a brawl!

    Samuel and Regina don't know anything about giving up on their dreams.

    Samuel and Regina both grew up with BIG celebrity crushes.

    Samuel had his first kiss in elementary school, while Regina had hers in high school.

    And last but, certainly not least, Regina and Samuel have made lasting relationships in Hollywood. They're still super close with their first Hollywood friend.

    To catch more of this hilarious duo, check out Samuel L. Jackson and Regina Hall's full First Times video below.

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    And for even more fun, go see Shaft, in theaters everywhere now!