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    Updated on May 3, 2019. Posted on May 1, 2019

    Ellen DeGeneres Survived A Hair Nightmare But The Journey Was Brutal

    "I had the pride flag on my head."

    Like her hilarious game segments and scare pranks, Ellen DeGeneres's hair has also become a staple of the show.

    NBC, Michael Rozman / Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

    And on Tuesday, she debuted a much shorter and blonder 'do. It looked great, but the story behind it was anything but.

    It all began on Thursday, when Ellen decided to get a bleach and tone.


    Ellen managed to get a picture of her beautician:


    After two-and-a-half hours of coloring, Ellen had this to say about the finished product:


    The beautician suggested she undergo the process one more time, so she obliged. Can you guess what happened??? That's right, it got WORSE!


    Then Ellen noticed her hair was starting to fall out, so she decided to take matter into her own hands and hired some hairstylists to make a house call.


    Ellen's hair was so damaged, the stylists were afraid blowdrying it would break it off even more, so they had to rub her hair dry with their hands.

    Then came the foil...again:


    And finally, the brush out! Ellen revealed her hair follicles are still very sensitive, so she has to limit how much she washes it and applies heat to it.


    Wow, what a journey! Thankfully, Ellen was able to laugh about it all and she still came out looking CUTE!


    To see everything that went down, watch the full clip below.

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