People On Twitter Are Calling "Swarm" "Creepy AF," But That Hasn't Stopped Them From Praising Dominique Fishback For Her Eerie Performance

    The next time someone asks you who your favorite artist is...RUN!

    Prime Video recently released its latest original series, Swarm starring Dominique Fishback, and the fictional obsession in the show has turned into real-life adoration for the actor.

    A closeup of Dominique looking at a phone is a an ad for Swarm

    The show takes a deep dive into stan culture and the risks some people will take to prove their dedication to a celebrity.

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    At the forefront is Dominique's character Dre — a Houstonian who has an unhealthy infatuation with a singer named Ni'Jah (Nirine S. Brown). From maxing out credit cards to hunting down online trolls who bash the artist, Dre is willing to do whatever it takes to prove her loyalty to Ni'Jah.

    Although not confirmed, the series draws obvious comparisons to Beyoncé and her fanbase, the Beyhive. From the name of the fictional fanbase "Swarm" to Ni'Jah getting bit — remember when Sanaa Lathan was rumored to have bitten Bey at a party? — several references in the series are loosely based on real-life events.

    Y’all are funny. Under no circumstances did I bite Beyonce and if I did it would’ve been a love bite 💋

    Twitter: @justsanaa

    Dominique plays the character effortlessly, which is no surprise because she's been doing so with every role she gets. From the 1970s drama series The Deuce to the historical drama Judas and the Black Messiah, Dominique has been THAT GIRL!

    Dominique Fishback attends Essence 16th Annual Black Women in Hollywood Awards

    Despite how delusional and deranged her character Dre can be, Dominique has a way of drawing viewers in and allowing them to empathize with her from time to time, which isn't as easy as it sounds...especially when it comes to her character's heinous ways.

    Dominique looking into a vanity mirror with a friend played by Chloe Bailey

    But I wasn't the only one in awe of her performance. Fans took to Twitter to gush over Dominique, rave about her artistic range, and applaud her for injecting life into the show.

    Here are just a few of those tweets: 


    These 2 Dominique Fishback scenes should be shown in every acting class from now until the end of time 😮‍💨 #Swarm I could name more but I don’t wanna show spoilers

    Prime Video / Twitter: @B_ImDanaDane_


    dominique fishback at the next Emmy’s #swarm

    Off Script with Jamie Foxx / Twitter: @whatisjoedoing


    dominique fishback is the fucking industry

    Twitter: @reneerapp


    Dominique Fishback absolutely deserves to be in the awards conversation for her electrifying, unsettling and genuinely heartbreaking turn in #SWARM. What an incredible, monumental performance. Wow.

    Prime Video / Twitter: @thisisnotahmad


    Dominique Fishback unlocked a new level of acting bc WTF!?!? THE RANGE!!!

    Twitter: @erahippie


    While we're all talking about Dominique Fishback right now, can we all acknowledge how unappreciated she was in Judas and the Black Messiah? Her performance is genuinely stunning work that deserved way more awards consideration than it got.

    Warner Bros. / Twitter: @tmtalksmovies


    The way i just breezed through 3 episodes of #Swarm its soooooo good !!!! Dominique Fishback carries this role WOW. Im hooked literally

    Twitter: @SexiLynn


    one of the best performances ive ever seen. period

    Prime Video / Twitter: @ilyclemmie


    Dominique Fishback should be running away with every award this season. My god what a performance #SwarmOnPrime

    Prime Video / Twitter: @TannerForbes3


    Listen they got Swarm on in the green room. DOMINIQUE FISHBACK IS PUTTING ON A CLINIC!!!! THIS woman is ACTING.

    Twitter: @KevOnStage


    Dominique Fishback does a turn in the finale that calls back to her character from the first episode and it is so subtle and genius. Damn dude 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾#swarm

    Twitter: @TristenJWinger


    #SWARM is a brutal/haunting examination of stan culture. Dominique Fishback deserves all the praise for her superb performance. Great cinematography, Chloe Bailey kills it, and I loved the use of a certain guest star. Despite its lackluster finish, Swarm is worth checking out.

    Prime Video / Twitter: @CriticalOverlo3


    Dominique Fishback is too elite. Def time for her to be our it girl in Hollywood after this role

    Prime Video / Twitter: @MariFunkhouser


    I don’t think a character has ever made me as uncomfortable as Dre did in #Swarm. Dominique Fishback is an amazing actress. Dre was really scaring me 😂

    Twitter: @KeioshaDreams


    I hope Dominique Fishback knows how beloved she is in the community. She was AMAZING in Project Power and she has honed her craft on #SwarmOnPrime GIVE HER ALL THE AWARDS

    Twitter: @ReighnbowCrash


    #SWARM (2023) Episode 2 is batshit impeccable. I’m almost as obsessed with this show and this concept as Dre is with Ni’jah. What a perfect blend of humor and horror. Dominique Fishback is so deviously awkward and brings this role to life in a way that deserves to be lauded. (A+)

    Prime Video / Twitter: @xavierplympton


    WOW! @Domfishback’s performance in #Swarm left me speechless, every1 better not sleep on her work as Dre, which is brilliant✨. I know every amazing accolade & well deserved recognition is coming her way. Ready for Dominique Fishback’s Emmy-Golden Globe-SAG campaigns. @PrimeVideo

    Prime Video / Twitter: @GilluisPerez_


    So Swarm is creepy af and I can’t stop watching! Idk what award Dominique Fishback is gonna be nominated for but I’d be scared to not give it to her! 🔪 🔨 🩸😵

    Twitter: @jhustles1


    Absolutely captivated by Dominique Fishback in Swarm on Prime. Dre is spectacularly unhinged and it’s a compelling thriller about the obsessive side of fandom. Dominique has always been amazing, and will forever be Darling Darlene for me, but wow, give her all the awards now!

    Twitter: @mizhenka


    On a completely separate note though Dominique Fishback is giving y’all a COMPLETE leading actor performance. If y’all sleep on her I’m gonna start throwing things.

    Twitter: @HaileyKilgore


    If you’ve been sleeping on Dominique Fishback….. buzz buzz buttercup 🐝

    Prime Video / Twitter: @Mr_NaveenKumar

    I couldn't agree more, and I'm so glad Dominique is getting the praise she so rightfully deserves! Let the takeover begin!

    What did you think of Swarm? Tell us all about it in the comments below!

    Every episode of Swarm is currently streaming on Prime Video.