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    Ciara Is Pregnant AF Rocking Sky-High Gucci Platforms And I Love It

    What can't she do?

    I'm so ready for Ciara and her hubby Russell Wilson to welcome their new baby into the world!

    But I have no problem basking in the singer's pregnancy glow until that time comes.

    While many women tone their shoe choices down during their pregnancy, Ciara's a different story.

    The "Body Party" singer recently posted photos of herself rocking 4 inch Gucci Peggy Leather Platform Sneakers.

    She's practically floating on air in those shoes!

    "Mamma Can Still Drop It Low....," wrote Ciara.

    The 31-year-old Austin native made balancing that big baby bump with those sky-high kicks look effortless...

    ...Until gravity said, "Sike!"

    I was a little worried at first, but then I remembered this is the same woman who mastered the matrix.

    She's not new to this. Ciara's been flexing on all of us with her preggo pumps game for quite some time.

    Remember this look:

    Or this one:

    Who's gonna check her boo?

    She literally DOES this!

    You go girl! I'm looking forward to more of your maternity slays.

    And for anyone else daring enough to try these looks, be careful! You might end up like this: