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    "Bridgerton" Star Nicola Coughlan Shared A Throwback Pic On Instagram From Six Years Ago When She Was A "Broke" Struggling Actor, And I Can't Help But Root For Her Success

    "I’m so deeply grateful."

    Most of you probably recognize Nicola Coughlan as one of the stars of Netflix's hit period-drama Bridgerton or from the hilarious Channel 4 series Derry Girls.

    Nicole sitting on the floor with a dog in a scene from season one of Bridgerton

    But before Nicola made it big on the small screen, she was a struggling actor, working as a waitress in between jobs. In a recent Instagram post, Nicola opened up about her humble beginnings from being "broke" to a leading lady.

    "This is a picture of me from six years ago when I was a waitress," the 35-year-old actor wrote. "I remember taking it and joking about how bad my hair looked ['cause] I hadn’t been able to afford to get it done in months."

    "During this time, I was so desperate to be acting and unsure that I would ever get to. I was really broke and really disheartened."

    Nicola was inspired to share this photo to highlight her personal growth, revealing she's "deeply grateful" of all the things she's been "lucky enough to do" since that photo was taken.

    "I’m in constant disbelief at the good fortune I’ve had," Nicola continued. "The people I worked with, and the people I’m about to work with."

    "It’s overwhelming to think back, but I’m so grateful to all the kindness and support people have shown me, and know I never take a moment of this for granted."

    Nicola learned an important lesson while reflecting on her life: Never take the moments in your life for granted!

    And she left fans with some words of wisdom: "Follow ya dreams, kids!"