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    Updated on Sep 6, 2018. Posted on Sep 6, 2018

    18 Thoughts You Probably Had After Watching "The Bobby Brown Story" In Full

    "So, that the movie is over, can we circle back to Bobby and Janet? Because I need answers."


    Lord when he kiss that casket #BobbyBrownBET


    Y’all Bobby Brown has been THROUGH it! #BobbyBrownBET


    Hands down every cast member of the Bobby Story Was The Perfert Pick To Fit Every Original Character🏆 #BobbyBrownBET


    #BobbyBrownBET Let the tears begin to flow, damn, it hard to believe all these deaths for Bobby happened back to back, his mom died in 2011, his pops died in January 2012, Whitney died the very next month, and then Bobby Kristina 3 years after


    So now that the movie is over, umm can we circle back to bobby and Janet. Cause I need answers 👀👀#BobbyBrownBET


    From now on, only BET can do the biopics. Lifetime and everybody else can hang it up #BobbyBrownBET


    The Houston’s wouldn’t let the kids say bye to their step mother and support their sister . But Whitney showed up to his mother funeral and set front row . #bobbybrownBET


    whew chile.... Woody is acting his face off right now. This hospice scene has me in SHAMBLES, sis 😭 #BobbyBrownBET


    Whitney: You play to much, I need my stuff, somebody come clean this up cause not doing it Bobby: .... 💀 #BobbyBrownBET


    These death back to back is breaking my heart . #BobbyBrownBET


    I think we can all agree that Woody McClain deserves an Emmy for this performance #BobbyBrownBET



    BET did that. 👏🏽Never watching another unseasoned Black Celebrity biopic on Lifetime again. Throw the whole network away. #BobbyBrownBET


    Pause Woody and Raina got fake gaps. It took me all of part 1 and all of part 2 to realize that. #BobbyBrownBET


    This story had my emotions all over the place. Sad, happy, angry, horny, great job #BET #BobbyBrownBET


    Brother Tommy stay on point, before Bobby could finish his sentence Tommy was like.... #BobbyBrownBET


    "I'm pregnant" should really be the name of this biopic. "I'm pregnant": The Bobby Brown Story #BobbyBrownBET


    #BobbyBrownBET All you could say after 2 days of watching his story!

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