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9 Times Beyoncé And Jay Z Were Relationship Goals AF

Name a more iconic duo...we'll wait.

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Jay Z swept her off her feet when she was just 18-years-old and it's been history ever since. It's time to reflect on the nine times Beyoncé and her adoring hubby made our hearts explode:


1. Literally every single time they attended an NBA game together. Don't be surprised if you catch Jay and Bey sitting courtside, cheering on the next Brooklyn Nets game at the Barclays Center.

2. While going to a Beyoncé concert is an experience in itself, there's something about the way these two interact on stage together that makes you never want to take your eyes off of them. They feed off of each other's energy.

3. Watching their award show coordination game go from cute to dayuuuuum!


5. You know the love is real when you start to adopt your partner's mannerism. We see you Bey...we see you

6. When you realize you're married to your number one support system and cheerleader, despite having millions of fans.

7. While Blue Ivy feels like a blessing to all of our lives, it was obvious just how much happier these two became when she entered their lives.

8. Getting bae's name tattooed on your body can either be a really sweet gesture or a move you'll ultimately regret, which is why these love birds decided to get the infamous number four tattooed on their ring fingers instead.

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Hence the "On the Run Part 2" lyrics: "Matching tatts; this ink don't come off, even if the rings come off."

9. Individually they're strong, but as a unit, they're unstoppable!