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18 Common Ways Black People Are Racially Discriminated Against That Non-Black People Might Not Notice

Being Black is a full-time job.

While Black people as a whole are not monolithic, there are several commonalities within the experiences we've shared and the culture we celebrate.

And one of those unfortunate shared experiences that a lot of us face is racial discrimination and prejudice. So, many people took to Twitter to explain what they've learned while walking in the skin they're in:

1. Traveling while Black:

being black is having to search what the racism is like in the countries you want to visit.

2. Shopping while Black:

Being black is being afraid to leave the shop without buying anything...

3. Styling while Black:

being black is having to think twice about what hairstyle you will wear to a job interview https://t.co/lsLJce46Ob

4. Walking while Black:

Being black is having people cross the street because they’re scared of you.

5. Expressing yourself while Black:

Being Black is having to tone down your personality in professional work environments to avoid stereotypes. https://t.co/Rr1HtsJYSO

6. Growing up while Black:

being black is having your parents tell you from a young age to work twice as hard as the opposite race in order to be noticed properly https://t.co/jGLkqxLrj1

7. Minding your business while Black:

Being black is simply minding your business but still being seen as a threat. https://t.co/VR9dSKZTWP

8. Naming your child while Black:

Being black is your parents giving you an English name so “it will be easier for you to find jobs”

9. Relating while Black:

Being black is having to feel shame if you’re not too familiar with ONE bit of white pop culture and them making a fuss, but if we talk about any part of mainstream mainstreamm black culture and they’re unfamiliar, we’re meant to be understanding. You are not the standard man.

10. Voicing your opinion while Black:

Being black is being labelled aggressive when you’re explaining something you’re passionate about in anything louder than a whisper. https://t.co/Z2QgEMgvTm

11. House hunting while Black:

@caribsprincess Being black is having to search how racist an area is before looking at houses in the area

12. Working while Black:

Being black is working as a cashier and having people wait for someone else even though you’re available

13. Researching while Black:

Being black is having to add “for black people” at the end of a google search for more accuracy & representation. https://t.co/kgUm5m9hOH

14. Living while Black:

"being black is one of the most extreme sports in America" - Rudy Francisco

15. Securing your safety while Black:

Being black is being in a dangerous situation and not knowing if calling the police will help or make things worse.

16. Dealing with trauma while Black:

Being black is heavy. You’re either involved in heavy trauma, engaging with heavy traumatic content or shielding yourself from heavy traumatic content. Either way it’s always heavy.

17. Loving yourself while Black:

Being black is feeling unattractive throughout your childhood then watching white people appropriate the same features they bullied you for. https://t.co/shOd8S7TxJ

18. Talking while Black:

being black is being told you're acting "white" because you're well spoken yet people assume you're associated with gangs when you use slang in your sentence

But despite it all, being Black is something we wouldn't trade for the world.

there is no limit to what we ( black people ) can do as a collective. being black is a gift. 🤎🤎🤎

Do you have more examples of what "being Black is" like? Share your experiences with me in the comments below.