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    If This Week Isn't Going So Well, Here Are 25 Tweets That Might Cheer You Up A Little

    L O L!

    Charlotte Gomez / BuzzFeed Celeb



    My girl when we are trying to choose what to eat


    Me following my boyfriend at the first family party he invites me to while he introduces me to everyone


    Beyhive: "Can beyonce send us an ivy park PR box too" Beyoncé: ok... Beyhive:



    4yrold: mommy, let’s pray. Me:...what’s going on? 4yrold: *deep toddler sigh* I was thinking maybe...*sighs again* maybe we could pray you give me back my tablet. Me:


    I gotta stop forgetting I have a kid A kid w/ ears Im on the phone with my homegirl talking wreckless... I may have said “I just want somebody, anybody to just rub on my booty” Bruh. Next thing you know I feel tiny hands on my duvet cover near my booty. I could die




    It's been 6 months since I joined the gym and no progress. I'm going there in person tomorrow to see what's really going on.


    Me vs. My student loans


    id gas up my girl for anything .. she be running over curbs and shit & id b like hell yeah babe you a bad bitch dont need no fucking road


    Me mocking my girl after she cusses me out.


    Boyfriend: what’s wrong? Girlfriend: nothing.... Girlfriend the rest of the day:


    y’all... i just hit a new low. i’m in an Uber hungover as fuck, i tried holding in my puke but i couldn’t, opened the door at a red light and puked, told her “sorry, i’m pregnant and my morning sickness is bad” and she was like “aweeee!!” LMAO IM GOING TO HELL


    It’s too early for this nigga shit man 😒



    guys be havin 25 roommates and want u to come over im staying home brockhampton


    I literally stalked this guy’s IG stories/page until he posted this video. I can exhaust my data on his page. This is so satisfying to watch


    One time I saw Samuel L. Jackson at an airport and he saw me and my cousin hovering around trying to gain the courage to ask him for a photo and then he came over to us and said "Y'all motherfuckers want a photo?" And it was everything.


    When I tried to break up with my high school boyfriend the summer before we left for college he just said “no thanks” and I didn’t know how to respond to that so we dated for 3 more months


    waiting for my boyfriend to notice I’m pouting and ask me what’s wrong


    I consider page 2 of google results the dark web.


    Me explaining to my kid that all their uncles and aunts are just my old friends who been loyal since day one


    look at this freaking guy in socks

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