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    Posted on Sep 17, 2015

    14 Questions & Comments All Non-Meat Eaters Are Tired Of Hearing

    "No, I don't eat chicken."


    DISCLAIMER: I consume eggs, dairy products, and fish. I just don't eat any poultry or animal meat. Some say I'm a vegetarian, others say I'm a pescatarian, and the rest say I'm a faker.

    I've been eating a meatless diet for almost two years now, and I feel fantastic! But it seems as though other people aren't as on-board with my lifestyle as I am.

    Why, you may ask? Beats me.

    Here are 14 questions and comments I've been receiving and dealing with for the past two years that I'm sure any non-meat eater can relate to:

    1. "Is it hard to find things to eat?"


    No! You'd be surprised how many delicious meat-free dishes even my meat-eater friends enjoy.

    2. "So, like, what do you eat for protein?"


    I don't know. Eggs, fish, beans, soy, quinoa, cheese, vegetables, nuts, seeds… Just to name a few.

    3. "Wait, so you'll eat eggs, but you won't eat chicken?”



    4. "You know fish were living once, too, right?"


    Come to think of it, I almost forgot. Thanks for reminding me!

    5. "How do you live without eating meat?!"


    I live very well, actually. Thanks for asking.

    6. "Can you be around people who are eating meat, or are you one of *those* vegetarians?"


    This is my life choice -- not yours. Eat whatever the hell you want, wherever you want, whenever you want.

    7. "Does your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife eat meat?"


    Yes, my boyfriend eats meat, and I'm not trying to change that either.

    8. "I can't even think about living without steak or chicken."


    Good for you!

    9. "Don't you ever just crave a big, juicy steak or a cheeseburger?"


    Sometimes, yeah! But my stomach doesn't tolerate meat well anymore, so I'll just go enjoy a veggie burger instead.

    10. "Are you one of those hippie, animal rights activists?"


    I love animals, but I wouldn't consider myself a "hippie" nor an "animal rights activist."

    11. "Are you a vegan?"


    I am most certainly not, but I do give vegans a ton of credit. That's a hell of a lifestyle commitment.

    12. "You don't even eat chicken?"


    NO! Why do so many people consider chicken to be a food category in-and-of itself? Stop asking that question.

    13. "Want some of my steak/chicken/sausage/pork/something that has meat in it?"


    No. PS: My answer will always be "no."

    And last, but certainly not least:

    14. "Wait, really? How come?"




    We all have different reasons.

    Whereas my reason is a physical one, other non-meat eaters don't eat meat for their own reason -- whether it's the same as mine, because animals are cute, because animals are mistreated, because of religion, because of a simple lifestyle choice, because WHATEVER.

    Stop judging.

    And please stop asking if we "don't even eat chicken." We don't eat chicken.

    Remember to eat your vegetables, kids.

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