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15 Things Adults Who Are Kids At Heart Can Relate To

If you often feel like you're twenty-something going on ten and you get teased for acting like a child, you're probably a kid at heart. But you're not alone and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that!

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1. You get wistful when you pass one of these, and you secretly envy those carefree children with their Happy Meals who can crawl around in those tubes without being judged.


And Remember Discover Zone? And Chuck E. Cheese's? Doesn't thinking of those mystical play places just transport you back to your sixth birthday party, pungent with the scent of children's sock-clad feet and greasy cheese pizza?

...Guess that's what ropes courses and zip-lining are for now!

Instagram: @greatwolflodge

3. You'll never be too old for amusement parks and carnival rides.

Instagram: @amusement_parks_

You still get excited flutters in the pit of your stomach when you are approaching an amusement park and can see the humps of the roller coasters in the distance.

4. You may still have a doll collection.


But if anyone asks, they're NOT toys! They're collectibles!

5. You have been known to frequent the young adult section of the bookstore, maybe even the children's section.

Instagram: @youngadultbookaddict

Why should little kids be the only ones who get to appreciate some of the beautiful illustrations in children's books?

7. Animated movies are your fav and your Disney VHS collection probably looks something like this:

Instagram: @purple_strife

Hopefully you've managed to find most of them on DVD!

8. Sometimes, you secretly wish you could still order off the kid's menu.

Instagram: @rockbottommpls

Because sometimes all you really want are some chicken tenders or good old mac and cheese.

9. You still get really excited about holidays and celebrations like Christmas and your birthday.

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10. You've watched all the spin-offs of your favorite TV series growing up, even if some people consider them to be a bit corny and childish.

14. You look for any excuse to dress up: Halloween, Renaissance faire, costume party, comic convention, whatever.

Instagram: @morphcostumes

15. You're still into arts and crafts.

Instagram: @hautepinkfluff

If you're good enough, maybe you even sell your creations on Etsy!

No matter what, remember this: Neverland may not be a real place, but embrace your inner child and never let anyone tell you that you need to grow up.

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