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15 Words And Phrases That Mean Something Totally Different To Dancers

We really do have a language of our own.

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7. "Spot"


Everyone else: Thinks about helping their friend at the gym, or looks for a stain, or maybe a cute puppy.

You: Know that using your spot is key for your standing ovation-quality turns.


11. "Cleaning"


Your mom: *Jumps up and down because she thinks she’ll get to see the floor in your bedroom.*

You: Break the bad news to her that you’re “cleaning” your group dances at rehearsal tonight.


13. "Turn Out"

Everyone else: “We had a great turn out at the party! There were a ton of guests!”

You: “Turn-out is a rotation of the leg which comes from the hips, causing the knee and foot to turn outward, away from the center of the body.” Duh.

14. "One More Time"


Everyone else: It literally means means one.more.time… or singing along to Britney’s debut hit single.

You: In dance world, “one more time” means at least ten more times. Minimum.

15. "Saturday"

Disney Channel

Everyone else: Relaxation, sleeping in and a break from the monotonous weekly routine.

You: Performances, extra rehearsals, competitions, conventions and the exact opposite of resting. See: "Myth."

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