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15 Awkward Things That Happen At Dance Competition

If you've been to competition, these things have happened to you.

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1. When they start announcing awards and you’ve never been more confused. Emcee: #973 receives the Ultimate Triple Silver Shining Star Award.

2. When you’re trying to analyze the stage before you perform to figure out whether it is slippery or sticky.

3. When that Triple Platinum First-Overall winner is mad about her score. What…you just won the whole world…?

4. When your mom tells you to eat something healthy and the only food within a 25-mile radius is a salted pretzel, a questionable hotdog and a snow cone from the concession stand.

5. When bae sees you wearing stage makeup for the first time.

6. When the emcee announces that videography and photography are not permitted but the stranger next to you is recording on her iPhone like she’s a journalist for CNN.

7. When you can’t remember which dressing room is yours.

8. When you panic about which side of the stage you will enter/exit.


9. When you’re backstage and can’t remember the first move in your dance.

10. When you’re on stage and can hear your parents cheering a little too loud.

11. When you hit your ending pose, walk off stage and can’t remember if you even danced.


12. When you land your beautiful switch leap and the stage is so loud you scare yourself.

13. When you’re rehearsing and the oblivious little brother walks right through your team’s flawless formation.

14. When you’re at awards and forget your entry number.

15. When you’re trying to find your friend in the dark auditorium.

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