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18 Adults Reveal Their Horrifyingly Weird Stories About How They Lost A Tooth

Because who really needs to see a dentist, right?

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1. This curious incident.

I had a dog toy in my mouth and was playing tug of war with my dog. The dog won.

Submitted by ellen441c5778c.

2. The betrothed's mishap.

My (then) fiancé did a very good job of pleasuring me. So good, that when I orgasmed, I jolted up, banging my teeth against his. One of my front teeth lost the battle, only two months before our wedding.

Submitted by hellarobot.


4. The chocolate disaster.

My aunt bought my grandmother a chocolate penis as a joke. My grandmother didn't want it so my aunt decided to eat it. However, my grandmother keeps all her chocolate in the fridge. As my aunt was gnawing on the fridge-cooled chocolate, she heard a crunch and had instant pain. She spit out the chocolate along with her front tooth. This happened 10+ years ago and is still a story we reminisce every Christmas.

Submitted by rrlahaie.

5. The dramatic re-enactment.

I lost my adult front tooth in third grade by jumping into a jacuzzi head-first. I was attempting to recreate a scene from Titanic...

Submitted by caitlinm49e8e5dbf.

6. The temper tantrum.

When I was 4 or 5, I lost my first tooth when I tried to learn how to play piano. I attempted to teach myself. However, I had no clue what I was doing, so I headbutted the piano in a fit of rage. I slightly misjudged the angle and a tooth just dropped out of my mouth.

Submitted by maddys48c456f4f.


7. The powerful lungs.

I was trying to whistle but I whistled so hard, my front tooth shot across the room. My dad had to find it for me while I cried.

Submitted by erinschlipf.

8. The cautionary tale.

As a child, I was play fighting with my dad. I thought it would be a good idea to bite him on the arse. I lost two teeth and I've never bitten anyone ever again.

Submitted by Rhiannan McDermott, Facebook

9. The laptop knockout.

I was ordering a Domino's pizza online while lying on my couch. I was laughing at my friend with my computer hovering above my face when gravity got the better of me. I saw my laptop hurtle towards my face. Missing half of my front tooth and all of my dignity, I answered the door for the delivery man and paid for the pizza I could no longer eat. It wasn't worth the extra mushrooms.

Submitted by Bailey McCue, Facebook.


10. The curious child.

In year 1 of primary school, I lost my first tooth because I bit somebody on the head. I was a fucked-up kid.

Submitted by Lily Konteh, Facebook

11. The surfing blow.

I was on vacation with my family in Mexico and had been bodyboarding all day. I wasn't looking at the waves when walking back into the water. I remember looking up and seeing a wall of ocean directly above me. The wave knocked me over and tossed me around a bit. The bodyboard was attached to my wrist so it got knocked around in the water too and smacked me in the face.

Submitted by Chelsea Bentley, Facebook.

12. The cunning plan.

My parents used to keep the sweets in the cupboard above the fridge. Six-year-old me decided to climb on top of the fridge to get the chocolate that was in there. I managed to successfully get the candy, but while getting down, I slipped and fell face first on to the kitchen floor. Surprisingly, no blood was shed, but my front tooth got knocked out and skidded under the fridge. The chocolate was worth it.

Submitted by Maryanne Oketch, Facebook.


13. The unlucky bite.

While eating a papaya – the SOFTEST of fruits.

Submitted by Sara Lim, Facebook.

14. The buckle debacle.

When I was a child, my dad picked me up. My top front tooth was loose, and he was wearing overalls at the time. As he was setting me back down, my tooth got hooked on one of his overall buckles. The buckle plucked my tooth right out of my mouth. I noticed it was missing so we looked all over the kitchen floor for it. It was in my dad's overall front pocket.

Submitted by Megan Fritz, Facebook.

15. The sisterly concern.

I was pushing my sister in her baby swing one morning. She suddenly wanted to get out, so she started crying. To slow down the swing, I bit the hood on her puffa jacket. I let go with my mouth and saw the blood on this pink coat and started freaking out, thinking I'd hurt her. No, my tooth had been ripped out and I had bled all over her.

Submitted by Brie Belladonna, Facebook.


16. The trip, slip, and chip.

One day after I got out of the shower, I thought my towel would be long enough to use as a jump rope. I tried to jump with it and my feet got tangled. I slipped on the soaking wet hardwood floor and face planted onto the ground, knocking my two front teeth clean out of my mouth. They weren't even loose.

Submitted by yungiz.

17. The fun finisher.

My dad accidentally knocked out my front tooth lifting me on to a tram at Walt Disney World. The Happiest Place on Earth? Not that day.

Submitted by AlligatorTacos13.

18. The trampoline extraction.

I was jumping on the trampoline with my younger brother and some friends. My brother pushed me over and I fell into the net surrounding the trampoline. My tooth got caught in the net and ripped out.

Submitted by Kylie Yuchimiuk, Facebook.

Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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