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    28 Wonderful Gifts For The Meme Lover In Your Life

    Such gift. Many thank. Wow.

    1. They'll know when that hotline bling with this snazzy Christmas jumper.

    2. Today is gonna be the day that you're gonna get this street sign.

    3. The evening is sure to be exciting with this iPhone case.

    4. Be the Left Shark to your best friend's Right Shark with this pair of mugs.

    5. They can declare "What are those?" every day with this racerback top.

    6. Give them the gift of Dick Butt on this official T-shirt.

    7. Keep calm and buy this mug for the grump in your life.

    8. Or get them their own grumpy puss with this Grumpy Cat puppet.

    9. Give this blobfish a loving home.

    10. Add instant drama to their dinner party with this horse head mask.

    11. They can carry an excited doge around with them all day with this "Doge in Your Pocket" T-shirt.

    12. Put the tastiest-looking cat on their wall with this watercolour poster of Nyan Cat.

    13. They'd best find those eight manuscripts before this bendy Slenderman finds them.

    14. Beware the night with this Golden Freddy Fazbear Lego minifig.

    15. They can ruminate on their crusading past with this traditional old-school print.

    16. Friendship really is magic with these My Little Pony necklaces.

    Get them here.

    17. Give them every rage face with these leggings.

    18. Trolling never looked so stylish with these Trollface earrings.

    19. A pair of Pepe the Frog socks will always feel good, man.

    20. Everyone will know their Gangnam Style with this "Evolution of Man" decal.

    21. The world will know they are carefree with these "Deal With It" shades.

    22. When words fail them, let Captain Picard take the wheel.

    23. This sticker will be a triumph for a Portal fan.

    24. Show off their daringness with this necklace.

    25. This is the cat for the person who doesn't give a fuck.

    26. This Kermit cushion will be all of their business.

    27. If they "liek" Mudkips, this handmade plushie is the Pokémon for them.

    28. And when it's all TL;DR, this teal deer wall hanging will watch benevolently over them.