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21 Secrets Waterstones Employees Will Never Tell You

"I don't remember the name but the cover was blue..." Brilliant.

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1. We’re mega passionate about the aesthetic of our sections, to the point where we’re kinda hoping you don’t pick up a book.

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It’s no big deal; you put that book down in a place where you know you didn’t find it. NO BIG DEAL.

2. We get a 33% staff discount so our homes start to look like untamed stockrooms.

Ran out of room on my "to be read" shelf. Now I have a "to be read" kitchen table as well. #booksellerproblems

3. And our loved ones always know exactly what kind of presents they’re getting.

Everyone's getting books for Christmas 👍 #booksellerproblems


9. They say “never judge a book by its cover” but we develop a sixth sense for knowing a book’s genre just by glancing at its front cover.

11. We become super smug about getting copies of books before they’re on sale to the public.

When you get an advanced copy and it's insanely good, but won't be out for months. 😞 #BooksellerProblems


13. And we love putting our book knowledge to good use for decor.

14. When stacking shelves gets dull, we make our own fun.

Some mornings just end up with me making a fortress out of Metal Earth sculptures. #booksellerproblems

15. Phoenix, the book inventory system we use, was sent from the mouth of hell itself to test our patience.

“You want to know how many books are in stock? Answer me this riddle with questions three...” – Phoenix, probably.


17. And we have to get very creative if we do it wrong.

#thatfeelingwhen you forget to put the packing slip in before closing the package so you fold it teeny & slide it inside #booksellerproblems

18. We’re constantly thinking of ways to get excited about asking if you’d like the Waterstones discount card.

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“Wow, that’s a beautiful bag! And is it… Yes, it IS the same colour as our discount card…”