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23 Jokes Only Classics Nerds Will Laugh At

What does a Roman pirate say? Sumus!

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1. This flattering remark:

2. This truth on Latin sentence structure:

3. And this pun on structure:

4. This motto for life:

Long after the rest of my high school Latin knowledge disappears, I will remember to semper ubi sub ubi. #latinpuns


5. This grammatical pun:

6. This one works on many levels:

All of U2's road team work pro bono. #latinpuns

7. This take on plurals:

8. This Christmas cracker:


9. This building's strange name:

10. This important note on prepositions:

11. This pirate pun:

12. This one from Shakespeare in an alternate universe:


14. This one on Roman numerals:

15. This cheeky chat-up line:

16. And this cheesy chat-up line:


17. This take on Homer's Odyssey:

18. This one works best said aloud:

19. This graffiti gag:

20. This double-entendre:

Ironically, the TV show "Dexter" is really sinister. #latinjokes


21. This educational pun:

22. This play on phonics:

23. And this froggy tale:

Did you hear about the frog who learnt Latin prose composition? The other frogs said of him "scribit, scribit"