An Old Man Called A Radio Station To Say He Was Lonely So They Invited Him On To The Show

    The 95-year-old man told the radio presenters and listeners that he missed his wife.

    Last week, a 95-year-old man called Bill phoned BBC Radio Solent during Alex Dyke’s mid-morning show.

    "He called up to say he was lonely and he missed [his wife]," producer Chris Hitchings told BuzzFeed News. "I don't think he had anyone else to talk to."

    Bill is a long-time fan of Dyke's radio show. On hearing his heartbreaking story, the radio team ordered a taxi for Bill to travel to the studio this morning, where he "became the star of the show".

    Bill was received warmly by regular listeners of the show, who rang in non-stop for the opportunity to speak to the special guest. “He’s such a nice guy and was lovely,” Hitchings said.

    Bill's wife had recently been admitted to hospital after a severe fall.

    They had been friends for over 30 years and got married last year. After the fall, care for Bill's wife became more than he could provide, so she was sent to a nursing home where he visits her every day.

    Bill was delighted with the company of Dyke and his listeners.

    Listen to his call to the radio station here:

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