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26 Seriously Awesome Gifts Only True London Underground Fans Will Love

The next station is Pure Happiness. Please mind the gap between the train and the platform edge.

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1. This pass holder.

"So how do we get from Chalk Farm to King's Cross?" your friend asks. You whip out your pass holder as it doubles as a handy map (but only for the particular stations on it).

Get it for £5 from Paperchase.

2. This post-it note block.

"Let me just make a note of that," you say, reaching for your post-it note block. "Why not just use your phone?" your friend asks. You stare at them as you write decisively on the block.

Get it for £4.50 from Paperchase.

7. These boxers.

"Nobody knows I'm wearing a map of the underground under these clothes," you think to yourself, navigating through the hustle and bustle of rushing commuters. "Nobody knows except me."

Get them for £8.99 from The TfL Shop.

13. These cufflinks.

"I need a shirt with cufflink holes!" you exclaim. "Why?" your friend asks. You go quiet, and remember these bad boys are simply waiting to be debuted.

Get a pair for £6.99 from Etsy.

21. This tie.

"That's a great idea," you reply to your co-worker's email, as you casually smooth down your wacky tie. "Going forward, let's touch base on this point offline."

Get it for £9.99 from eBay.

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