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The 11 Craziest Sukkahs In The World

This Wednesday evening begins the holiday of Sukkot. Jews around the world can be found sitting in Sukkahs (or Sukkot) - outdoor huts with roofs of branches or reeds. While the basic blueprint is the same, different locations lend to some pretty crazy iterations.

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2. The Gutsiest Sukkah In The World


The smallest a sukkah can be is about 22 inches square and 32 inches high, just large enough for a person to sit in. This may not be the smallest sukkah in the world, but it's certainly one of the most daring.

3. The Portlandian Sukkah Bike

Portland is known for its majestic surroundings, bearded residents drinking micro-brews . . . and bicycles. The PediSukkah was born in Brooklyn, but perhaps its soul is in Portland.

Dwelling in the sukkah reminds us how transient life is. Our homes and material possessions are only temporary, but the good deeds we do will last forever.

5. The Flatbed Truck Sukkah in Times Square

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Sukkot is the grand victory celebration of a bright and beautiful new year. What better way to celebrate in style than with a massive big-rig sukkah in Times Square?

8. The Sukkah in Saddam Hussein’s Palace

. . . and this one just like it, erected at Tallil Air Base in 2003. Both were put up by Rabbi Jacob Goldstein, Chief of Chaplains for the New York State Army National Guard, on behalf of the Aleph Institute, so that Jewish soldiers could observe the holiday.

11. The World Peace Sukkah

Unity is one of Sukkot’s main themes. The Jewish Monkland Centre in Montreal created this “World of Peace” sukkah out of recycled cardboard. Community members shared their visions of peace for all to see.

Want to learn more about Sukkot? Visit to find out all about the holiday.

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