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    20 Playful Pieces Of Home Decor From Target That'll Revive Even The Most Boring Bedroom

    New decor, new you.

    1. A faux fiddle leaf tree because greenery is always a good idea. Instantly liven up your space with a plant — faux for those of us who struggle to keep a real one alive of course!

    A faux fiddle leaf tree

    2. A light-filtering velvet curtain for framing your windows with vibrant vibes. Time to officially make golden hour every hour.

    A set of yellow velvet curtains

    3. An accent chair that'll add a pop of color while complimenting your other decor and furniture. Add a throw pillow or blanket to complete the luxurious lounge look.

    An olive green velvet accent chair

    4. A peacock vase so you can add a bit of flare to your space. Fill it with your favorite flowers and greenery, faux or real, and spend your days staring at this statement piece.

    5. A peel-and-stick wallpaper for an instant home makeover without all the hassle (renters this one's for you). Simply peel, stick, and wonder at how amazing your walls look.

    A peel and stick wallpaper

    6. An oversized velvet floor pillow because you can never have enough seating or pillows. Make every spot the best seat in the house with these plush pillows.

    7. A shower curtain so your restroom can be as bright as the rest of your house. Florals? For your bathroom? In spring?? Groundbreaking.

    A decorative shower curtain

    8. A boho-chic bath rug that'll compliment your new curtain in a bright, eccentric style. Step out of the shower and onto this perfectly posh mat.

    9. A color-changing diffuser for a guaranteed glow wherever it goes. Drop in your fave essential oils, choose your color, and enjoy for up to eight hours at a time!

    A color changing diffuser

    10. A decorative bowl that'll stand out wherever you set it. Small touches can make a huge difference in any space. Plus, you might finally remember where your keys are for once. They're in the polka-dot bowl!

    11. A set of curtain string lights so you can quite literally brighten up your space. Mood lighting is always key!

    A set of curtain lights

    12. A framed piece of vibrant wall art because an empty wall is a sad wall. Liven up your life (and your decor) with colorful works of art — literally!

    13. A set of three scented soy candles for infusing aesthetically pleasing aromatherapy into your day. Choose from wild hibiscus sangria, pink champagne, or citrus sunset, and add one to every room.

    A set of three tin scented candles

    14. A chunky woven throw blanket that'll add color and coziness to the bedroom or living room. Throw this blanket anywhere for a bit of vibrant vigor.

    15. A comforter and sham set so your bed can be as bright and bold as you are! Revamping your bedding is the best way to refresh your space in a snap.

    A mustard comforter and sham set

    16. A set of patterned bed sheets because odds are you in need of a fresh set. Pair your sheets with your comforter set for a colorful, coordinated look.

    A set of floral bed sheets

    17. A decorative pillow that'll be the perfect new addition to your couch. Toss a few new pillows on the seating in your home and totally transform your go-to lounge spot. The tassels on these give them that little something extra.

    18. A floral doormat for brightening up your porch. After all, home decor starts at the front door!

    A floral door mat

    19. A velvet accent chair so you can have an official favorite chair in your home. Pop it in a lonely corner for instant style or use it at your vanity or desk for a daily dose of plush perfection.

    20. A woven wall planter with faux greenery because keeping real plants alive is a full-time job. Freshen up your walls without the maintenance and enjoy bright greenery every single day.

    A hanging planter

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