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    15 Reasons Why This Vampire Cat On Instagram Is Purrfect

    This cat's giant fangs and hilarious vampire ways are on point!

    1. He lives his truth, which can be furrightening

    2. He's crafty about turning household items into caskets

    3. See? This shopping bag can become a casket, too

    4. Despite his inner darkness, he can still keep it light and have fun

    5. He always comes up with sneaky new ways to reach human necks

    6. He's the snuggliest little vampire kitten

    7. He's a handsome fellow

    8. His vicious anger is positively adorable

    9. But sometimes he's just a sweetie

    10. I mean, look at that face

    12. He's a unique guy

    13. Look at those evil little eyes

    15. A purrfect new furriend to make on Instagram!