Congrats To Courtney Stodden On Not Getting Divorced Yet

Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutcherson’s 2nd wedding anniversary is fast approaching. In honor of them making it longer than anyone ever imagined, let’s look at hypothetical celebrity hookups that share the same age difference as Courtney and Doug.

1. It’s that time again! On May 20th, 2013 Doug and Courtney will celebrate their 2nd wedding anniversary.

2. Their marriage was all over the news because Courtney was only 16 years old, while Doug was 51.

3. In 2012, Courtney and Doug were featured on a show called “Couples’ Therapy”…only 1 year into the marriage!

4. Since their marriage (Doug’s 3rd and Courtney’s 1st), there have been rumors that Courtney didn’t really love him and that Doug is a pedophile, but they are still together despite that!

5. To celebrate their 2nd anniversary, let’s take a look at individuals who are 16 and 51; the ages Courtney and Doug were when they wed.

6. Let’s put this into perspective…That would be like Chloe Grace Moretz and President Obama getting married. She is 16 and he is 51!

7. OR Madonna’s daughter, Lourdes Leon (16) and Garth Brooks (51).

8. Jim Carrey is 51 and Hailee Steinfeld is 16. Just seeing these pictures, with their faces together, gives me the creeps!

9. Let’s be fair, though. She is 18 now, so the 35 year age difference is waaaay different and it’s magically no longer creepy!

10. To wish them luck and hopefully another 2 years of sweet married bliss, let’s take a look at more hypothetical matches…but this time both parties will be over 18, so the 35 year age difference won’t be so creepy.

11. Jennifer Lawrence is 22 and Mel Gibson is 57; that’s a 35 year age difference. I’m sure the public would love to see her tarnish her youth with him!

12. No one would be upset to see 54 year old Tom Arnold get with 19 year old Dakota Fanning! Totally not creeeeeps…

13. Actually, I feel like people wouldn’t be bothered by this next hypothetical hookup. Madonna (54) is 35 years old that Justin Bieber (19). Why is it less creepy to me when the gender reverses?

14. Is there a double standard, that makes it seem okay for young boys to be with older women, but not the other way around?

15. Courtney comes off as such a warm and genuine individual and you can totally tell, that Doug and her have countless hours of soul-baring, heart-to-hearts, on the regular. Their marriage is bound to last an eternity!

16. HAPPY 2nd Wedding Anniversary You Two! No one thought you’d make it this far!

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