20 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Black Out

When you blackout bad things are bound to happen. Sometime you pee your pants, sometimes you are drawn on, sometimes you expose yourself, and if you’re lucky their won’t be any pictures taken. Below are some people who aren’t that lucky…

1. His 15 minutes of fame…and he missed it.

2. How does this even happen and how is he staying upright?

3. I guess this position is a comfy one???

4. And I thought the bathroom was the safest place to passout.

5. Shouldn’t of blacked out, huh?

6. Your friends must hate you.

7. We got a Pee-er!

8. He deserved it: Public, Daylight, and Outside. He’s totally asking for it.

9. And they’re going to try to say their friends put them like that…Riiiiiight.

10. ANOTHER Pee-er! These ones are the WORST!

11. AHHHH! A drunken “bitch” slap.

12. I want to see him when he wakes up!

14. That is totally a live rat. I feel like this is illegal. Aren’t there diseases that can be passed from rodents or something? GA-ROSSS.

15. DANGEROUS. I hope they are monitoring him!

16. OMG! That looks like a public bathroom too. What a mess! He must have literally sh*t a brick!

17. It’s never okay to say the F-Word, even when someone is passed out. Your friends are ignorant and deserve to be drawn on, themselves.

18. The ritual is complete.

19. Pon-Mouth!

20. Attention! We have a level 10 pee-er. Attention!

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