The Top 4 Times Hannibal Buress Has Performed “Gibberish Rap”

“Gibberish Rap” is one of Buress’ many contributions to American comedy. And potentially his greatest. Here are all the times he’s performed this masterpiece. With gifs!

1. The OG Performance

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The original was recorded in a friend of a friend’s house. As mentioned in the song. Tony Trimm produced the song with some help from Clams Casino on the beat. This came out in early December 2012.

2. The Next Level

Buress then started performing the track, complete with local ballerinas, as part of his live stand-up show. This clip comes from the Lincoln Theater in Raleigh, NC. The video was uploaded on Jan. 10th 2013.

The Gifs

Ballerinas always gotta enter

That gibberish flow

Always rap in socks. It’s key.

And finally, the mic drop. Badass.

3. The Mash-Up

With the success of his first rap single Buress decided to expand his brand and teamed up with Skrillex and Ryan Phillippe to perform a dubstep version of “Gibberish Rap”. May 2013.

And Now The Gifs

Ryan Phillippe = Secret Hypeman Extraordinaire

Yes, that’s an actual lyric.

Ballerinas make everything better.


Ryan Phillippe does the head bob justice.

4. The Battle Rap

This time, on the Oddball Comedy, Buress brought all the stops, inviting Bun B to come out on stage and make fun of him in front of tens of thousands of people. And was it ever worth it.

Let The Gifs BEGIN!

Bun B asks the tough questions

Of course the ballerinas are there!

Bun B wants to know where the hate is coming from.

But Hannibal knows that true rappers are big in Norway.

Bun B puts it best.


And the petition for Hannibal Buress to headline at Lollapalooza beings now.

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