The 22 Types Of Rhyming Dads

There Are So Many Dads To Be Had. Do you know a dad on this list? Absolutely you do.

1. Rad Dad

Rad Dad does tricks. Super cool tricks. Tricks at night and tricks during the day. You’re rad, Rad Dad!

2. Mad Dad

Mad Dad is mad! But not always. Sometimes he’s Not Mad Dad. But when he’s Mad Dad you probably did something to make Mad Dad mad.

3. Glad Dad

Glad Dad is a not mad Mad Dad.

4. Fad Dad

Fad Dad wants to be Rad Dad but isn’t rad enough. Fad Dad is a sad kinda of Dad.

5. Bad Dad

Bad Dad is not good. Bad Dad is a Sad Dad and a Mad Dad combo. Too bad for Bad Dad.

6. Too Bad Dad

Too Bad Dad loves to say “Too bad, Dad”. Too Bad Dad is not two Bad Dads. Too Bad Dad should be given to Bad Dad.

7. Chad Dad

Also known as Michael Murray, Chad Dad. The 2nd Most Famous Dad.

8. Brad Dad

The first most famous Dad.

9. Stark Raving Mad Dad

Stark Raving Mad is two Mad Dads. But not Too Bad Dad or two Too Bad Dads.

10. Scantily Clad Dad

Not to be confused with Bad Dad. Probably also a Sad Dad, maybe a Cad Dad. (See below)

11. Cad Dad

Cad Dad thinks he’s a Rad Dad. You can get mad at Cad Dad, but don’t get sad at Cad Dad. Friends with Fad Dad.

12. Sketch Pad Dad

Sketch Pad Dad is not a Doodle Dad. Sketch Pad Dad is rad but not a Rad Dad.

13. Not Bad Dad

To start a conversation with Not Bad Dad say “not bad, Not Bad Dad”. Repeat. Not Bad Dad is not Bad Dad.

14. Newspaper Ad Dad

Newspaper Ad Dad is also a Sketch Pad Dad. But Newspaper Ad Dad is glad he’s not a Scantily Clad Dad.

15. Mouse Pad Dad

Mouse Pad Dad is not Newspaper Ad Dad nor Sketch Pad Dad. Mouse Pad Dad is friends with Newspaper Ad Dad and Sketch Pad Dad though.

16. Grad Dad

Grad Dad is glad to be a grad but is not Glad Dad. Grad Dad is not Not Bad Dad or Too Bad Dad.

17. Plaid Dad

Plaid Dad is not Rad Dad or Fad Dad. Plaid Dad used to be Fad Dad but then it was “too bad Dad,” you’re now Plaid Dad.

18. Hanging Chad Dad

Hanging Chad Dad is a Sad and Bad Dad.

19. Add A Dad

Add A Dad is a double Dad. Add A Dad can be any other Dad as well. Add A Dad is not a Hanging Chad Dad though.

20. Ad Dad

Ad Dad is not Newspaper Dad. Ad Dad is Ad Dad. Newspaper adds to Ad Dad.

21. Lily Pad Dad

Lily Pad Dad is not an Ad Dad but can be a Bad Dad.

22. Breaking Bad Dad

Breaking Bad Dad is a Bad Dad and a Stark Raving Mad Dad. Breaking Breaking Bad Dad away from Mad Dad is a big bad.

Which Dad is your Dad? Let us know!

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