The 10 Stages Of Getting Into Grad School

For most people, getting into graduate school is a huge deal. Naturally most people often feel some kind of way about it.


You most likely aren’t but getting that letter sure makes you think you are.

2. I Should Tell Everyone I Know About This

You’ll probably update every single social media site you are currently a member of. Including your Livejournal, if you can still remember the password.

Unfortunately many people will react thusly:

3. This Is Real Right? They Didn’t Send This To The Wrong Person, Did They?

Of course, after the adrenaline rush is over, you will inevitably start to wonder whether or not this actually happened to you.

4. Wait, So What Now?

Once you’re 100% positive that they did mean you, you start to wonder what in the hell it all means.

5. So Many Dollars

One of the first things you realize is that grad school is expensive. But education is priceless, right?


I mean, you didn’t get into grad school on dumb luck. You’re used to this.

7. Bring On The Loans

But it’s loan money, so it’s not even real. Who even knows how money works anyway? You have Derrida to read.

8. What Does This Even Mean?

And then you take a look at your reading list and you have no clue what is going on.

9. I’m The Smartest Again!

And then you get a question right and it’s right back to square one!

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