26 Epic Yawns

Mythbusters and science may say yawns aren’t contagious but these yawners refuse to believe it.

1. I’ll Need That Yawn In Triplicate

It appears that everyone has died due to a cute overdose.

2. Greet the Yawn

Nothing like a yawn to get the day started.

3. Der Beeks

Even famous people get bored somemes.

4. I’ve Got A Fever And The Only Perscription Is… More Yawns!

The most effective yawn is sometimes the shortest yawn.

5. Heating Up

Truth be told watching the Heat is pretty boring. Coasting much?

6. I’m A Yawn 4 U

Goodnight Britney

7. Self-Aware Yawn


9. Tongue Action

How does fighting demons make you bored?

12. So Sue Me

Not even the reigning Monarch of Glee can resist a little yawn action.

13. Speed Yawn

Did you know that cheetahs hold the land-speed record or quickest yawn?

14. Crouching Tiger, Yawning Tiger

Baby tigers are apparently the most tired jungle animal.

15. Chris Boshing

Chris Bosh always looks like this, but it’s a pretty epic yawn nonetheless.

16. Curb Your Enthusiam

Larry David has constantly just woken up from a nap.

17. Bunny or Squirrel?

If you guessed bunny you’re a winner!

19. Unnecessary Caption

What else would it be?

20. Puppies Gotta Yawn

Puppys or Puppies?

21. Bust(er) Out A Yawn

Of course Buster has the most obnoxious yawn.

22. Buster II

Still got it.

23. Why Do Hedgehogs Even Need To Yawn?

24. Arty Yawn

Black and White makes it artsy.

25. Does Thom Yorke Not Know How To Yawn

Nice try Thom Yorke, but that’s not how you yawn.

26. King Yawn

Of course you gotta end with the King of Yawns.

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