24 “Oh Snap!” NBA Dunk GIFs

Dunks are amazing. These are some of the best. In beautiful .gif form.

1. 360 Degrees of Separation

Let’s start with the most recent. This is Paul George throwing down a massive 360 dunk during live play; which is rare, to say the least. There’s a larger one here

2. The Butler Will Serve You Now

That’s Jimmy Butler posterizing Chris Bosh on the alley-oop.

3. Nate The Great

That’s the 5’9” Nate Robinson jumping over the 6’11” Dwight Howard to win the 2009 Dunk Competition.

4. KOBE! (Dave Chappelle voice)

Here’s Kobe winning the ‘97 dunk contest with a little between the legs action.

5. Dunks = Art, Art = Life, Life = Dunks

Terrance Ross getting art with an easel.

6. When I Say “Oh Snap” I Mean “OH SHIT”

Shannon Brown with the alley-oop powerful enough to bring back “Ermahgerd”.

7. Tha Carter

Vince Carter, ladies and gentleman, Vince Carter.

8. Tha Carter II

9. Tha Carter III

10. Tha Carter IV

11. Seeing Green

Gerald Green launches an off-the-backboard slam-a-roni (not a thing).

12. The Man with a (Head)Band

Lebron James throws down a 360 dunk while his headband flashes in the spotlight.

13. Fighting Windmills

Oklahoma City’s Russell Westbrook does his best Don Quixote impression with this windmill slam.

14. The Taj (Mahal) Gibson Put Back Special

Taj Gibson of the Bulls shows the ball just exactly how it’s supposed to go in the net.

15. Sky High (The Dunk)

Shawn Kemp of the defunct Seattle Super Sonics (those uniforms though) flys to the basket like a missile on this alley oop.

16. Defying Gravity


17. Andre “The Giant” Igoudala

Andre gets a little slow-motion with it in this nasty two-handed slam.

18. The Original Space Jam

Michael Jordan’s Free Throw Line Dunk. Enough said.

19. Might As Well JUMP!

That’s King James literally jumping over Cartier Martin on his way to this nasty dunk.

20. Beyond the JaVale

JaVale McGee steals the ball and the proceeds to lay down a Godzilla-like one handed jam.

21. Scottie Too Hottie

Scottie Pippen, no introduction needed, reaches for infinity and grabs it.

22. Traffic Jam

Harrison Barnes brings you the traffic on the twos with this slam going the traffic jam under the basket.

23. Circus Act

James and Dwyane Wade do a little showing off in this 3-tent arena worthy jam.

24. Who Shot J.R.? No One! J.R. Dunked!

J.R. Smith with the stutter one-handed smash in traffic.

DUNKS ARE LIFE. I got it tattooed on my back, so it has to be true, right?

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