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19 White Dudes With Afros

White Dudes with Afros are a breed unto their own. The White Boy Afro also has a certain poetry to it. Whether that poetry is from Lord Byron or Nickleback is up to you, dear reader.

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8. International Afro / Via

This man is a "footballer". Imagine his locks swaying on the "pitch", lustily moving in time to his movements, encouraging the crowd to follow his every move, beckoning defenders into its deadly embrace. Scared? You should be.

14. Fro-a-gone / Via

This Oregon (he pronounces it Ore-a-gone) fan strums that guitar as skillfully as he brushes out his hair. It is an impressive thing to watch. The King of Belgium once observed this ritual for 13 nights straight. He was never the same.

15. Ignore Hendrix? Impossible! / Via

For a second dare to attempt the impossible and try to ignore Jimi Hendrix. Instead try to focus on the lesser beings to his right and left. Once this is done, notice the hair. The loft of their hair perhaps buoyed by Jimi himself. Who can say?

17. Suss Out This Fro, Man. / Via

Josh Sussman has never been afraid of the clarinet, which I imagine he plays with a soulful profundity. He might be famous for something else. But it's probably his life-changing free jazz clarinet solos.

18. Make Sure That Fro Doesn't Have Dustin It / Via

Mr. Hoffman, my understudy in an off-Broadway play entitled "Long Way From The Office" has done remarkable thing in his portrayal of a man unafraid of his hair. The man Hoffman is playing is named Robby.

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