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    19 White Dudes With Afros

    White Dudes with Afros are a breed unto their own. The White Boy Afro also has a certain poetry to it. Whether that poetry is from Lord Byron or Nickleback is up to you, dear reader.

    1. Bigger is Better

    2. Picking Out The Hairs

    3. Art is Garfunkel

    4. Statement Piece

    5. Self-ro

    6. Why Can't We Be Friends?

    7. To And Fro

    8. International Afro

    9. The Future

    10. Not Fake

    11. Like a Rolling Fro

    12. Right Said Fred Said Afro

    13. Double Trouble

    14. Fro-a-gone

    15. Ignore Hendrix? Impossible!

    16. Seth Rogaine

    17. Suss Out This Fro, Man.

    18. Make Sure That Fro Doesn't Have Dustin It

    19. The King of White Boy Fros.