13 Times Dogs Joined The Goof Crew

Dogs can be super smart. They can also turn into a one-dog Marx Brothers in the blink of an eye.

1. It Thinks It’s Simba

The Goof Crew is a rare and esteemed bunch who only let Disney royalty join their ranks.

2. Goof Juice

Don’t Be A Menace To Your Owners While Drinking Your Goof Juice In The Kennel

3. Round and Round

This goofster is 99% positive that this is how Merry Go Rounds work.

4. A Goof Nugget

This goof-dog is King of the Swings and wants everyone to know it.

5. Der Goofenhound

We all know that this dog if German, right? Has to be, that’s some precise carpet rolling.

6. Bees in the Trap

This Goof Crew devotee ate a bee. What a goof!

7. It’s Raining in Goof Heaven

Homedog is thirsty. When goofs get thirsty they goof out. No doubt.

8. Cleaning Goofster Style

Goof Crew bylaw 3 states: “All Goofsters must be exceedingly clean for goofs cannot be goofed when the goofster is dirty”.

9. Goof-in-Training

A good goof is trained from day one.

10. Classic Goofs

The Goof Crew respects the classics.

11. Goof Imposter

True goofs know that this is not a real goof.

12. Goof Face

Sometimes you just gotta get your goof on and you just can’t help it.

13. King Goof

The OG Goof. No one can out-goof this dude. Not gonna happen.

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