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13 Reasons Why "Key And Peele" Is The BEST Sketch Show On TV

From The Liam Neesons Valets To Luther The Anger Translator To Racist Zombies Nobody Beats These Guys.

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3. The Directing / Via

Unlike most sketch shows this one looks fantastic! Cinema level quality thanks to director Peter Atencio. / Via

Someone should give them a PhD

5. Nerd Kings

View this video on YouTube / Via Youtube

They're also giant nerds. And not afraid to show it. They've put more Game of Thrones references into the beginning of sketches then I can count.

6. They're Sex Positive

View this video on YouTube / Via

And are all about Educating Men on the right way to do it!

8. They Know SNL Is Wrong About Black Women / Via

It's always good to knock Lorne Michaels down a peg

"PEELE: I think everyone sees what's going on, which is [SNL executive producer] Lorne Michaels has a history of relating to white men, and it is a field where there are a disproportionate amount of whacky white guys. But the truth of the matter is, we have so many friends who are African-American women who are straight-up ready that it doesn't really hold water to us.

KEY: That would be our opinion. But we run in different circles than Lorne Michaels does, if you can believe that."

9. They're Friends With Obama

View this video on YouTube / Via

And he actually likes the impression! Probably because it's so good.

10. They Can Make Some Scary Sketches / Via

Scary but still funny as hell.

12. They Always Make Fun Of Themselves

View this video on YouTube / Via

They do this for every show. All improv. Crazy. NSFW

13. They're Not Afraid To Speak The Truth About Dubstep

View this video on YouTube / Via

The Truth.

Everyone Should Watch Key and Peele. It'll Make You Smarter.

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