13 Best Ways To React To Someone Hating What You Love

Every once in a while someone you know will hate on something you love. Here are the 13 best ways to react to the hater.

1. Absolute Disgust

Often times, your immediate reaction is to just decide that that person needs to die. Probably not that effective, but it feels great.

2. Feel Sorry For Them

Don’t want to hate them? Feel sorry for them. Patronizing haters feels great

3. Straight Up Ignore Them

Giving ‘em the old cold shoulder. Straight frigid.

4. Act Like An Adult

Show them who the really mature one is here.

5. Try To Correct Them With Facts

As a matter of fact…

6. Try To Correct Them By Yelling


7. Appeal To Their Logical Core

Deep down inside you know you’re wrong!

8. The “Everyone Else” Approach

Everyone else knows what is good!

9. The Old Switcheroo

Sure I’d like that…. If I liked stupid things!

10. Appeal To A High Power

Well both Oprah and Beyoncé both loved it, so you’re obviously wrong.

11. Act Like A Child

Because you know, that truly you are still a child when it comes to defending what you love.

12. Make Fun Of Them Behind Their Back

Talk some serious smack about how “they wouldn’t know art if it came and hit hit them in the face”

13. Try To Understand That True Art Is About Contradictions And Emotions and the Feelings of People And Art Will Never Be Viewed By Any Person The Same Way

Or Not, cause that’s lame.

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