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    19 Reasons Why You Should Be Watching Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries

    Seriously, it's out on Netflix there is no excuse.

    1. Because Phyrne Fisher is a flawless human being

    2. And takes sass from no one

    3. Her best friend Dr. Elizabeth Macmillan is equally awesome

    4. And they both know what's up when it comes to the opposite sex

    5. The 1920s aesthetic will have you drooling

    6. And the criminal plotlines will make you want to hold onto your hat!

    7. While the sexual tension will make you want to remove such an item...

    8. Attractive men like Jack Robinson show up at the door with gifts

    9. BFFs Dottie and Phryne always know how to have a good time

    10. It has the best crime solving duo TV has seen in years

    11. The flawless costumes (that are award winning)

    12. It's set in Australia!

    13. The detective work is brilliant

    14. Romantic dalliances galore

    15. Taxi drivers that won't rip you off

    16. Nightcaps after solving a case are the best

    17. Did I mention the sexual tension?

    18. And when that gets too much, true love prevails

    19. Seriously the banter on this show

    So go forth and watch my friends!