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Who The Heck Is WISPOH?

Super underground white female rapper WISPOH reveals her new tour and set of singles following not just a secret gig, but a secret, secret gig.

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Exclusive Interview with WISPOH

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It's cool, it's underground.

WISPOH writes from the heart, and talks about all the times. In fact, this song is called 'Hard Times, Dark Times, Sad Times, Tear Times, I Wish You Were Here Times'.

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"Is it my fault my parents are rich? Is that any reason to call me a bitch?"

WISPOH needs help on where Dutch people are from:

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Srlsy, where tho?

There isn't actually a tonne of songs or raps or info about WISPOH, but she has a strong connection to France.

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Y'know. It's those bowler hats.

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