Here Are Some Of The Best Reactions To Obama's Visit To Jamaica

    Jamaica to di worl!

    U.S. President Barack Obama visited Jamaica earlier this week...

    ...and Jamaicans all over the internet were talking about it!


    Some of us noted a definite change in what the capital city would look like.

    Others commented on the roadwork.

    Thank you @BarackObama for planning a visit to #Jamaica. At least now, our busiest roads will be pothole free. #wakeupjamaica

    Actually there was a lot of talk about the roads.

    We have a lot of thoughts about our road system, OK.

    We were quite positive that he would leave Jamaica with a little makeover.

    A new look that exemplifies the laid-back life style of the people.

    A look that says one love, big up to di worl, everyting irie!

    Most of us were positive he came for that good Jamaican cooking.

    We just hope he brought back enough to share with everyone in America.

    And we all knew he was going to have a hard time deciding which party to go to when he arrived.

    We were more than ready to talk politics.

    And his visit had us pondering the important issues like taxes and such.

    We weren't afraid to go all out.

    And we secretly hoped for a surprise guest appearance.

    We all made sure to look our very best for the visit.

    Because even a glimpse of the presidential vehicle was good enough for us!

    We definitely adopted him as one of our own, never mind that he isn't our president.

    Jamaicans IN JAMAICA be like "big up mi president, Barack Obama"........ How is he your president

    One thing's for certain...

    ...we were happy to have you, Mr. President.

    Come again soon!