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19 Pieces Of "Sailor Moon" Fan Art Every Sailor Scout Will Love

Moon Tiara Magic!

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Babs Tarr / Tiffany Ford / iamacoyfish / Charlie Bowater / Monique Steele / Buzzfeed

1. These badass agents of justice.

Babs Tarr / Via
Babs Tarr / Via

Art By Babs Tarr

2. This celestial piece that reminds us of the power of the moon.

Art by Charlie Bowater
Charlie Bowater / Via

3. Some winsome GIFs that are definitely here to defend.

Art by Sasha Mutch

4. We totally get a sense of Usagi's personality with this one.

Art by Lois Van Baarle
Lois Van Baarle / Via

5. And this.

Tiffany Ford / Via
Tiffany Ford / Via

Art by Tiffany Ford

6. Sailor Moon: She's just like us!

Art by Gariba

7. This one lets us know what a Mexican Sailor Moon would be like.

Art by Nadiezda

8. Punk Sailor Moon straight chilling.

Art by Claire Hummel

9. And with a kick-ass space suit no less.

10. Don't forget the pretty suited sailor soldiers.

Art by Joey Chou

11. Agents of love, justice and courage for sure.

iamacoyfish / Via
iamacoyfish / Via
iamacoyfish / Via

Art by iamacoyfish

12. And this really shows her like the princess she is.

Art by Liz Kresin

13. Or this one, where she's as noble as any knight.

14. But it's nice to be reminded that she's just an average girl in spite of it all.

Art by Lissa Treiman

15. Just a princess with a healthy appetite.

16. Fighting evil by moonlight...

17. ...winning love by daylight.

Art by mannequin-atelier
mannequin-atelier / Via

18. With her Sailor Scouts to help fight...

19. ...she is the one named Sailor Moon.

Art by Dmitry Grebenkov
Dmitry Grebenkov / Via

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