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    15 Modern Mysteries Only Nancy Drew Could Solve

    Nancy Drew, Girl Detective, is on the case.

    Nancy Drew, amateur sleuth, is back to solve a couple of mysteries that need her girl detective magic.

    1. When you can't get ahold of bae.

    2. When that one guy next door is a little too friendly.

    3. When that spring break trip suddenly becomes too real.

    4. When someone tries to justify antifeminism.

    5. When you finally go on a date with that one guy from Tinder and it's not what you expected.

    6. When the student loan people call asking 'bout their money.

    7. When that one dude makes exercising a literal nightmare.

    8. When your bestie is hanging with that basic you met last week.

    9. When you're about to go to a party but your friend doesn't know her limits.

    10. When you realize your ex was invited to the party too.

    11. When that house party is a little too wilin'.

    12. When you check your phone the day after the party.

    13. When your friend tells you about her new boyfriend who no one's ever met.

    14. When your girl starts talking about things in code.

    15. And finally when bae tells you a story that don't add up right.

    'Cause we need a little expert help with this, Nancy.

    Help a girl out!