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    13 Haikus That Perfectly Sum Up Your Relationship With Pizza

    What kind of person doesn't like pizza?

    Perfect melted cheese
    sprinkling of pepperoni
    medley of the gods

    So many toppings,
    variety, the spice of
    life, what should I choose?

    It's the best choice for
    when you're starving and nothing's

    A somber party
    is instantly happier
    when you add pizza

    You are what you eat
    so I guess I am pizza
    good, I love pizza

    I can't believe I
    ate this entire cheese pizza how
    is that possible?

    Are pizza diets
    a thing, like can I just eat
    pizza forever?

    Feed me pizza and
    tell me you love me, wait no,
    just feed me pizza

    Perfect late-night snack,
    really does hit the spot; it's
    the perfect drunk food.

    Eat when you're happy
    eat it when you're feeling sad
    eat no matter what

    The happiest phrase
    will always include the words,
    "It's delivery!"

    The pizza is cold
    too lazy to heat it up
    whatever, still good

    It's universal
    someone, somewhere is eating
    pizza just like you!