15 Survival Tips Every Art Kid Could Definitely Use

    The struggle is real.

    1. Prepare to break your parents' hearts when you finally tell them the truth.

    In the end, this will make you stronger, better, and, dare I say it, an artist of unsurpassed skill. Shed your fake skin – it's time to embrace your calling!

    2. Tell everyone you love that it's OK and you'll get through this.

    There will be a lot of speculation on the validity of your choices, post-grad options, and general name-calling. Know that this is all a part of the process.

    3. Rise above the urge to commit acts of violence when your lifestyle is mocked.

    4. Ready yourself for the onslaught of near-death experiences.

    5. Gather your supplies and keep them close to you at all times.

    6. Do away with traditional forms of vanity.

    7. Self-deprecation is your new normal.

    8. Brace yourself for the challenges ahead.

    9. Acknowledge the moments of non-inspiration.

    10. Come to terms with self-sacrifice.

    11. Get comfortable with clutter.

    12. Adjust to a more humble lifestyle.

    13. Feelings of inadequacy are normal.

    14. Come to terms with the fact that people might never fully understand what it is you do.

    15. Know that it's possible to make it in art.

    Thumbnail image: PBS