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    16 People Who Care About The Rock Hall Of Fame

    Meet them all here! A special BuzzFeed Music exclusive.

    The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame released a list of its newest inductees yesterday.

    Joan Jett, Lou Reed, and Ringo Starr were some of the more notable names listed. We searched long and hard to find people excited by the news, and who are still excited about the Rock Hall in general.

    Come. Meet them. They are...

    1. This gentleman who thinks U2's Songs of Innocence was the best album of the year.

    2. This gentleman who has a full back tattoo of Springsteen's soul patch.

    3. This gentleman who thinks his "watering my Guns 'N Roses" puns are unique and hilarious.

    4. This gentleman who is wearing a shirt from his short-lived gothic rock phase in 1981. (His Tommy Bahama shirts are in the wash.)

    5. This gentleman who is proud of the 72 song collection on his first generation iPod Shuffle.

    6. This gentleman who refuses to trade in his cassettes for an "iPod thingamajig."

    7. This gentleman who thinks a Nord II will do the job in a pinch, but "you can't beat the sound of a real Rhodes."

    8. This gentleman who still mourns the loss of Duane Allman.

    9. This gentleman who just heard his wife say "Jimmy Page is overrated."

    10. This gentleman who is fond of telling his friends "You don't know music until you've heard The Band. That Levon Helm could crow."

    11. This gentleman who deeply regrets never seeing The Eagles live in concert :(

    12. This gentleman who is introducing his grandson to early-era Genesis to undo the years of banal pop and nursery rhymes.

    13. This gentleman who is calling his favorite radio station to ask that they play "Freebird" one more time.

    14. This gentleman who lost all hope for modern-day music until Wilco came along.

    15. This gentleman who just said "No one can make a guitar talk like Clapton."

    16. This gentleman who, with our assistance, found a Crosby, Stills and Nash fan forum.