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19 Situations Everyone Who Hates Spicy Food Knows Too Well

Because we don't like it when our mouths burn like molten lava.

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1. When you see food you want, but then someone warns you it's spicy:

People's faces when I tell them that I don't like spicy food.

3. When your family is ashamed that you can't hang with the crew:

Being mexican I'm kind of an outcast when I tell people I hate spicy food

...especially if you're part of a culture that really likes to turn up the heat.


7. When you run out of water while eating spicy food at a restaurant:

My husband's reaction when he eats Thai food tonight and runs out of water. #spicy @Deanluvs2fly

8. When you learned that Sriracha feels like the devil is dancing on your tongue:

“@lovemirandass: OMG this jambalaya spicy af😫😫😫🔥 I hate spicy food😡😡😡”


10. When you realize the gum you just put in your mouth is cinnamon flavored:


13. When you're visiting someone's house and you don't want to be rude so you eat the spicy meal they prepared and try to keep your shit together:

I don't like spicy food... but when I eat them:

16. When someone who doesn't understand your spice sensitivity tells you something is safe to eat:

when your mom says the salsa "ain't that spicy" then you eat it


17. When you're at an Indian restaurant because you got outvoted by your friend group:

When you eating something spicy but trying not to show how much pain you in.

18. When you get home from the Indian restaurant: