26 Niall Horan Song Lyrics That Make Amazing Instagram Captions

    ♫ Thought that you moved on with someone new ♫

    1. Waking up to kiss you and nobody’s there.

    2. My shadow's dancing without you for the first time.

    3. I forget you're not here when I close my eyes.

    4. In this house of broken hearts we made our love out of stacks of cards.

    5. Why do we climb and fall so far?

    6. We break and scatter worlds apart.

    7. I'm afraid that what we had is gone.

    8. Everything comes back to you.

    9. Them butterflies they come alive when I’m next to you.

    10. You're too good to be all mine.

    11. You make lovin' fun.

    12. Got me now and I can't say no.

    13. I love you best when you're just yourself.

    14. I don't know where it starts but it ends with you and me.

    15. I hope you know you're beautiful.

    16. Her eyes could burn down the room so get out while you can. 🔥

    17. She'll run with your mind and pull you in tight then trade you in for something new.

    18. I fell for it twice and now I'm just warning you.

    19. I paid the price and own the scars. 💰

    20. Never knowing what you're thinking.

    21. I hope this won't last.

    22. Hold me close but at a distance, thinking I don't ever listen, but I do.

    23. A bit of patience, please.

    24. I just wanna be alone.

    25. You could offer the world, baby but I'll take this instead.

    26. I'll wake up at midday and marry my bed. 😴😴

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