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8 Key Components Of Female Pop Music Videos From The 2000s

This list is responsible for many unrealistic expectations of twentysomething life.

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1. Bare Midriffs

Blogger/RoyalKev / Via

Did they make full-length shirts in the 00s? Poor Nicole loosened up her buttons and then lost her shirt.

2. Pleather Pants

Giphy / Via

If at first you don't succeed, it's probably because you stopped wearing pleather. RIP Aaliyah

Mouthy Mag / Via

Bonus points for fierce jumpsuits.

3. Lingerie

Degrassi Wiki / Via

The ladies of Lady Marmalade taught us if you're going to show midriff, just go with lingerie. I would also like to clarify that there are FIVE badass chicks from the Moulin Rouge (We love you, Missy).

4. Wet Hair

Duh Muzik / Via

Whether it was from sweat, a shower, or a sudden rainstorm on the sound stage, it felt like no one had dry hair. And P!nk didn't care.

5. Midway Choreographed Dance Sequence


Elbows out, hair flip, hair flip, turn

6. Unrealistic Driving Scenes

newnownext / Via

Thanks to Britney, I expected perfectly windblown hair and no city traffic when I got my license.

7. Unintelligible lyrics

Rebloggy / Via

She ain't a Hollaback Girl or a Harlem Black girl. It could have been either. What is a Hollaback Girl?

8. Good Girl Gone Bad

Glee Wikia / Via

This theme took us all from the sugar-coated pop of the 90s to the amazing debauchery that was the 00s. How else were we to know she really isn't that innocent?

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