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Visit Ralphie's Real House From "A Christmas Story"

Starting at 8:00 PM on Christmas Eve, TBS begins its annual 24-hour marathon of the 1983 holiday movie, “A Christmas Story.” While I doubt anyone really likes this movie enough to want/need to consume it on a straight 24 hour loop, some may enjoy the opportunity to visit the replica home and relive their favorite movie moments.

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The house used in the exterior scenes was purchased by a private developer, Brian Jones, in 2004 and has been renovated and restored to appear as it did on the inside and outside in the movie.

Even though the movie was set in the fictional town of Hohman, Indiana, The 19th-century Victorian house is actually located in Cleveland, Ohio.

The exact address is:

3159 W 11th St.

Cleveland, Ohio 44109


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Watch A Christmas Story House Featured on NBC Nightly News
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