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    • MonaLo

      I am Indian and she is the only actressIlove and respect. She isasuperstar in India. She is one of those actress who reached to the stardom without having Godfather in bollywood. All young girls in Indian look up to her. She won Miss world in 2000 when she was only 17 and she comes from very normal family. Do you know when she entered into bollywood (she was like 18 or something) she didn’t know anything about acting but she worked very hard and she got several awards for acting as well as the National award (which is like indian oscars). She is very down to earth please watch her interviews,in one of the interview she mentioned that she knows she is not very beautiful and when she entered in Miss India she didn’t even know how to walk in heels but she knew how to work hard and because of that she reached where no indian actress is able to reach. Also, she didn’t approach interscope for the music,interscope approached her,so you can understand how big she is in India. She isatrue inspiration,she became from nobody to “The Priyanka Chopra” due to her hardwork. Love and Respect her-From an Indian andaProud Priyanka Chopra Fan.

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