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Top 17 Mom Moments From 2013

2013 was a great year for mom power! Check out what moms accomplished in the last year. We put them in chronological order below, but they all topped the charts. After you look, tell us what mom moments you think should be added to this list!

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1. Moms run the globe...the Golden Globes

Moms are FUNNY. Not only did royalty of comedy, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, completely “own” the Golden Globes when they hosted this year, but everyone loved them so much they’ve been booked to host for the next two years.

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3. Superhero stay-at-home mom, Shannon Watts, demands action and becomes a game changer on calling for common sense gun safety measures

In the aftermath of the Sandy Hook massacre in December 2012, Shannon Watts created Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense. Now with over 100,000 members across the U.S., Watts has sparked a renewed conversation about common sense gun safety measures like background checks for gun purchases, as well as limits on military style assault weapons and high capacity magazines. Power to the Moms!

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4. Leading the charge for higher wages for restaurant workers

Mom and co-founder of ROC United, Saru Jayaraman, speaks truth to power in her new book "Behind the Kitchen Door" championing the rights of low wage restaurant workers who are overwhelmingly women and moms.

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5. The dignity and strength of Sybrina Fulton

In the wake of her son’s tragic death in the early 2012 shooting, Sybrina Fulton transcended her grief to build a movement based on connectedness and community. Fulton and Trayvon’s father founded the Trayvon Martin Foundation to “create awareness of how violent crime impacts the families of the victims and to provide support and advocacy for those families in response to the murder of Trayvon Martin.”

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6. DC zoo resident panda mama delivers baby panda bundle of joy

After several attempts at breeding, mama panda Mei Xiang, who calls the Smithsonian’s National Zoo home, gave birth to a healthy baby panda on August 23rd. Who couldn’t resist the zoo’s livecam, capturing the little family’s daily routines? The cute factor is what puts this in the Top 17 Mom Moments of 2013.

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7. Son comes out on Facebook; Mom responds in the best way -- with love & humor / Via No H8 Campaign:

Michelle Conway McClain’s letter to her son after he came out on Facebook spread like wildfire across social media outlets celebrating the great bond and unconditional love moms have for their kids. We support you, Zach (although we hope you cleaned up your soda cups and tea bottles like your mom asked), and salute great moms like you, Michelle!

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8. We know that moms singing to babies helps development, but this takes the cake!

View this video on YouTube / Via YouTube

Amanda Leroux’s sweet songs to her 10-month-old daughter move her daughter to tears. It’s one of the sweetest things we saw this year.

9. European Parliament member Licia Ronzulli does something amazing to highlight child care issues that moms face

Italian MEP Licia Ronzulli brings 3-year-old daughter Vittoria to work with her in a bold illustration of the way the difficulties women and families face in working and caring for young children could be overcome.

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10. Ricki Lake is baaaack...uncovering the truth behind breastfeeding choices

Ricki Lake produces a documentary entitled "Breastmilk" that examines the choices and difficulties moms face in making this decision. This film focuses on the voices and experiences of real women. Here’s to supporting the choices of moms!

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11. #FeminismIsForMothersToo!

Michelle Cottle’s controversial Politico article about Michelle Obama sparks a lively, fierce debate about feminism that inspires MomsRising’s CEO & Executive Director Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner to write a response article and to coin the hashtag #FeminismIsForMothersToo.

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13. Moms help light fire under Congress to introduce the FAMILY Act

More than 10,000 moms joined together to send a clear message to Congress: It's past time to pass the FAMILY Act, which covers maternity/paternity leave and medical leave. Together we are a powerful force for women and families! The FAMILY Act addresses one of the most important reasons that people cannot take the time they need when a new baby arrives or when a serious family or medical needs arise: the financial hardship of taking unpaid time away from their jobs. On December 12, 2013 this act was introduced to enthusiastic support from across the country!

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14. Gisele becomes poster mom for “breastfeeding is beautiful”

Instagram: @39aca53861b411e3bbd412442b747734_8.jpg

Supermodel Gisele Bundchen posted an Instagram photo of her glam squad prepping her for a work appearance while she breastfed her 1-year-old daughter Vivian. While this isn’t how most of us get to breastfeed (or get our hair done), we support another positive image of moms in the pop culture.

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15. JLo’s most meaningful award yet

This December Jennifer Lopez, 43-year-old mother of 4-year-old twins, was awarded the Grace Kelly award for celebrity parents who work to ensure all moms have healthy pregnancies and full-term babies by the March of Dimes. Way to go, JLo!

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16. Michelle Obama shows she’s still Mom-in-Chief

First Lady Michelle Obama famously coined the powerful moniker, Mom-in-Chief. She has been at the forefront of policy conversations including her most recent leadership in the Affordable Care Act. Asked by a reporter why, she answered simply but powerfully, “Because I’m a mom.” We salute you, Michelle!

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