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13 Times Michael Cera Was The Awkward In All Of Us

Even the awkward need a face... thank goodness it's his.

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1. Freezing at the slightest sign of confrontation.

NBC / Via

2. Fear of commitment at its finest.

Everett Collection / Rex Feature / Via

3. Getting nervous the second someone calls you out.

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4. Never knowing what face to make when someone takes a photo of you.

5. Eating in public just never goes as planned

6. Trying to achieve coolness, but never *quite* nailing it

7. When your crush talks to you and you just...

CBS / Via

8. Smiling through the unbearable pain that is small talk.

9. Trying to be sexy.

10. When someone asks for a bite of your lunch and you regretfully let them.

11. Pretending your outfit is on point... even when you know it's literal garbage

12. Attempting to block out the haters while the pain just keeps digging into your soul.

13. And this... just... this.

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